Brand: Domxty

Manufacturer: Domxty


【ADJUSTABLE TORCH HEAD】 An unique four-gear adjustable angle nozzle allows you to adjust the angle between 0-90° according to your needs. Compared to most non-adjustable torch heads on the market, our butane lighter is safer and more convenient.

【FITS ALL BUTANE TANKS】The kitchen torch can be directly refilled with long nozzle butane tanks. For short nozzle butane tanks, our package includes a red tool to extend the nozzle and fill it with gas after fitting it into the torch head. In addition, we are also equipped with a tool for venting to ensure that you can fill or release fuel at any time! 【Butane Gas Not Included】

【CONTINUOUS & ADJUSTABLE FLAME】 Equipped with a flame regulator for precise flame control, this cooking torch allows flames up to 5 inches long with a temperature of 2370°F/1300°C. In addition, pressing the torch igniter to light and sliding the safety lock at the same time can achieve a continuous flame without pressing all the time, making it easier for you during baking.

【ENSURE YOUR SAFETY】 Our refillable lighters are equipped with a safety lock to prevent accidental ignition, if you lock the safety lock, the flame will not shoot out even the switch is pressed. When you fill the torch, just align the nozzle with the fill port, then there will never be a problem with leaking fuel!

【ONE HAND OPERATION & MULTIPLE USES】Design with an ergonomic body, comfortable to hold and easy to control. This cooking torch is ideal for making creme brulee, bar cocktails, grilling steaks, ignitions, cigars, dabs, grilling, camping, crafting, and artist work such as art resin.

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Domxty Torch Lighter Butane Refillable, Kitchen butane torch with [Adjustable Torch Nozzle & Flame], Cooking Blow Torch with Safety Lock for Grill, Creme Brulee, Camping, BBQ - Butane Gas Not Included

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